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your inner glow'

Registered member of
the CTHA and fully insured
for all treatments
* The initial treatment includes a confidential free consultation to develop a holistic treatment plan specifically for your individual needs; homecare advice is included to ensure the benefits are prolonged.

Benefits of massage can include;

  • Eliminates toxins
  • Increased lymph drainage
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Renews muscle tone
  • Eases headaches
  • Relieves eyestrain
  • Creates internal balance
Hot Stone Therapy

Warm volcanic stones are incorporated into the massage directly onto the skin providing relaxation at the deepest level and promoting a meditative state of harmony. A balanced flow of energy throughout the body will leave you feeling grounded and completely relaxed, a truly blissful experience.

90 mins £70,  120 mins £90  

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Relieves muscular tension
  • Renewed energy levels
  • Improved body posture  
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps mobilise joints
  • Relaxation or invigoration
Onsite massage incorporating Indian Head

An oil free treatment performed through the clothes with the client in a seated position. Good for relieving tension stored in the head, neck, shoulders & back, very beneficial in relieving muscular discomfort associated with stress. A balancing and rejuvenating treatment.

Release tension
     60 mins £50
Shorter treatments available
Pregnancy Massage

A nurturing treatment for all mums to be {after the first 4 months only} to sooth aches and pains. A wonderful way to bond with your baby before birth, incorporates lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling in the legs and ankles due to excess fluid retention.

Time to Bond     60 mins £50

Back Massage

A highly effective and relaxing massage incorporating the back and scalp and concentrating on particular areas of discomfort including the neck, shoulders and lower back. If required deep tissue massage can be included for a release of tension in selected areas.

Complete Release      60 mins £50

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