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"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. No matter how hard the past,you can always begin again. You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserves  love and affection."
Tantric Massage
The meaning of Tantra is too 'weave and expand' and a tantric massage is unlike any other therapy as it  connects both the giver and receiver on a journey towards learning to harness the prana life force in the body  through self discovery.

Tantric Massage  harmoniously unites the mind,body,spirit and sexuality through a loving and sacred touch. Tantra is connected to love and intimacy, not sex and erotica as is often the misconception.

When we are born we are free of pain and trauma but as we evolve toxins are manifested in the physical body through negative emotions and lifestyle choices. Gradually over time the build up of these toxins create blockages through sedimentation in the capilleries and physical tension held in the body. If the pain is not released the body creates numbness as a protective mechanism,this leads to a reduction in the pain we feel but also a surpression in the chi or life force energy which naturally lays dorment in the body unless we engage in sexual relations.

A tantric massage combines body movement,breath and specialised techniques to open the energy channels,balance the chakras and clear the pulse points. This leads to an increase in circulation as the dorment energy becomes activated and healing can occur. We are then able to take control of our lives again as our sexual energy rejuvenates our physiological,emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

The genetalia are a part of the holistic body and play a major role in physical,emotional and spiritual health and are therefore naturally included in the massage. The pelvic basin is where the majority of the trauma is stored and it is only through a loving and safe massage that the tension can be released and internal balance restored.
90 mins: £150     /     120 mins: £200
What is the difference between an erotic massage and a tantric massage?

Although both massages are performed on a naked body the intention and focus are completely different. An erotic massage is often performed by a masseuse with limited knowledge of the human body and whose sole focus is physical pleasure and release for short-term benefits.
An authentic tantric massage is performed by an experienced and skilled therapist who places the focus on healing by removing blockages and trauma in the body to provide longterm benefits by helping to connect with and harvest our own sexual energy which leads to full body regeneration as new emotions and sensations are explored.

Held within us all is a limitless power that we have suppressed; that remains dormant unless engaging in sexual relations. Yet this strong sexual energy  is capable of healing and balancing our body and mind and during a Tantric massage this life force energy is harnessed and used to revitalise the whole body. Ejaculation is often discouraged for men as it can decrease the life force within the body, but for women it is highly beneficial as stagnant emotions previously stored can be released.

What is a Lingham,Yoni and Prostrate massage?

The term lingam is an ancient tantric term that is used to describe the penis. In Sanskrit, the word lingam translates to "Shaft of Light" or "Wand of Light."

A lingam massage combines a variety of grips and strokes to release negative emotions and tension The biggest challenge of a man can be learning to fully relax and receive as the massage can be stimulating in addition to being relaxing. However, the  purpose of a lingam massage is not to stimulate  a man to ejaculation  but to clear blockages and preserve the prana life force present therefore revitalising the entire body.
The prostrate massage works by stimulating the prostrate gland in the anus to clear negative emotions which often leads to frustration and a general imbalance in the sexual functioning of the body.

The vagina is known  in Sanskrit as the Yoni which translates to  'a sacred space. '  During a tantric massage  the vagina is treated with the utmost love and respect and the woman is encouraged to feel pleasure so she can explore her sexuality in a,safe and nurturing environment. If she has experienced trauma the yoni can often shut down and cause pain and discomfort. Through this massage trust is rebuilt and the cellular memory reprogrammed and through Amrithra,female ejaculation  stored trauma and insecurities can be released from the body.

What are the general benefits of a tantric massage?
  • Connect mind,body,spirit and sexuality as one
  • Encourages the release of negative emotions to maintain internal balance
  • Stimulates the life force prana energy to awaken and energise the body
  • Provides healing from sexual dysfunctions encouraging full body orgasms
  • IEnhances relationships through a deeper connection
  • Boosts confidence and body image by removing anxiety
  • Opens up possibilitys due to expanding consciousness
  • Unites both male and female energies internally
  • Promotes a feeling of equilibrium and calmness