Tantric Massage
From the moment Elizabeth greeted me at the door with her smile I began to relax from the nervous wreck I had been on my long journey to meet her; all kinds of thoughts rushing through my mind in the car journey, and the days and weeks leading up to our meeting. Anxious about the interview that was to come, Elizabeth's warmth and loving kindness drew out from me trapped thoughts and feelings from my childhood that suddenly made me understand why I was drawn to certain sexual desires and fantasies; but more important that these were not shameful. From that moment my whole outlook on what was to come changed, no longer anxious and closed, I was now open and excited to experience all that was to come and finally know my real self. As for the treatment I could write a very lengthy piece, however for now all I will say is that having begun with an open mind it allowed me to experience through Elizabeth's knowledge, talent and love, an amazing release of energy and feelings which I will happily admit left me emotional at times. Everything was beautiful, from the connection work (a real sense of seeing deeply into Elizabeth's soul), pressure release work, gentle massage, prostate massage (wow - if you've not experienced this then it's a must) and lingham massage (multiple orgasms without any ejaculation!). This was a journey of deep emotional release and I feel so much happier. I recommend Elizabeth to you wholeheartedly. If you're looking to heal and willing to trust and be open then you too could have a wonderful journey by visiting this professional tantric expert. I do hope to visit Elizabeth again to continue and complete my healing.'
C, London

"I've had six tantric massages, all exquisite and a very spiritual experience. Throughout the energy flowed through me and when combined with Elizabeth's I felt that I was communicating with the macrocosm. Beforehand the treatment was thoroughly explained, so I was prepared for the release of the trauma which had built up in me over the years to manifest. This did happen over the following fortnight. Elizabeth told me this was part of the healing process. I have tried for 17 years in therapy to peel back the 'onion skin' of my emotions and deal with my core pain. In the first two sessions I was able to process deep and painful feelings in a very safe and loving space. I appreciate the time talking with Elizabeth before and after the sessions, they are special in that I can talk with her about my feelings since the last session and how I felt during the massage. These have been cathartic and sensual experiences and I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is seeking help in processing trauma or who is seeking a higher purpose on their spiritual journey."
Namaste, S London

"Elizabeth is warm, intuitive and gives pleasure naturally, all essential ingredients for success."

"She had a kind and caring manner and instilled me with confidence,a very enjoyable massage that lifted my mood and made my body feel supple and relaxed"
R.L Yorkshire

"Elizabeth is amazing with her hands,throughly impressed from start to finish. She is incredibly knowledgable,great surroundings and an incredible result,I cant rate it highly enough!"
A.E London

"Elizabeth is very talented at what she does,her dedication and experience is exceptional!"

"I came for a treatment simply for relaxation purposes. Throughout the massage I felt at ease and could feel the warmth from her hands penetrating through my body to release the blockages. One certain pulse point she worked on was uncomfortable but when the pressure was released I felt a huge rush of energy which invigorated me and the pain was instantly released. Previously due to child birth I had problems with my pelvic floor muscles and since treatment this has subsided. I felt completely relaxed throughout the treatment and only wish it could have lasted longer."

"I had a tantric massage with Elizabeth as I was feeling down and needed a boost. During the massage at times when she was working over the pulse points it was uncomfortable,however this eased and in the following days i did feel a lot happier. I felt comfortable and confident with Elizabeth and was surprised at how powerful a massage can be."

"I found Elizabeth to be professional and caring, this is a must do experience "
John, London

"I'm really pleased that I met Elizabeth and encounted a competent practitioner who was very professional and knowledgeable in her field."
Simon, London

"Unfortunately Tantric massage has a very seedy reputation, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case with Elizabeth. She is a lovely and positive lady and I have already recommended friends to go and see her "
Paul, London

"The environment is simply wonderful plus Elizabeth is so kind, caring and compassionate. She explains everything clearly and is the ultimate professional. I found the session cleared the anxiety and stress I had been feeling and relaxed my body and mind.  In the days that followed I felt much lighter "
C.F, London

"When Elizabeth first mentioned about the therapy I had heard a lot about Tantra and could see and understand the benefits, however I wasn't comfortable trying to work out who was a bona fide practitioner.  Elizabeth changed all that, she was so professional in all her explanations that left me very clear on the process and what to expect.  The session was amazing as there are so many new experiences and I felt the tension and stress just melt away.  I was always warm and relaxed.  At first I thought a 4-5 hour session would be too long but the time just flew by and I now understand that length of time is part of the healing process.  I would really recommend Elizabeth, I already have to several friends who I thought could benefit. They have been very grateful for the experience.  I am looking forward to my next session to continue my healing process "
Andrew, London

"I had a great session with Elizabeth, who carefully established my needs and reflected them in her treatment which was both skilled and loving.  During the session I had releases of unresolved emotions that was both beautiful and healing.  Afterwards I felt very content and deeply relaxed.  I recommend Elizabeth highly "
H, Writer, Midlands

" Thank you Elizabeth for assisting in my amazing Tantric journey, each session I have experienced a new inner self confidence that I thought had gone forever, a self that you could only ever have dreamed could actually be."
Warwickshire, Health and Safety Professional

"I found Elizabeth's care and attention incredibly helpful in a moment where I felt vulnerable and in a space of emotional pain.  Her genuine sense of empathy and compassion has been incredibly supportive and it made me feel able to relax and trust she knew how to guide me in this journey "
Name withheld

"Elizabeth was consummately professional and thorough throughout the treatment, connecting with me and making me feel at ease and comfortable in a very unique treatment that had definitely been beneficial and I am looking forward to following a future course of treatments as I feel it has already helped me gain some semblance of balance that I have been struggling to achieve over a long period."
Consultant, London

"I really enjoyed my treatment with Elizabeth, she's very professional and caring and has the ability to put people at ease. I felt safe all the time. I also felt a deep, emotional relief which was much appreciated. Thankyou. "
Massage Practitioner, London

"I have got a tantric healing treatment from Elizabeth and it was exceptionally good in terms of therapeutic work. I can be a very demanding client in terms of quality of the massage and pressure. I asked Elizabeth for the massage to be strong and it was the strongest massage I have ever got so far for which I am incredibly happy! It feels like 27 years of tension was released from my back and my neck. I also had a great release of emotions trapped in my body, which tantric healing is mainly about. She definitely listens to client's needs, is very caring and patient. The connection and communication was great at all times. I am looking forward to another session in the future :) Thanks
you Elizabeth"

'Having tried many "Tantric" massages over the years, I was so pleased to have come across Elizabeth's website and to have experienced one of her "Tantric Journeys". It was so much more than just a massage. Elizabeth has an incredibly empathetic nature and puts her client at ease from the very start. Her therapy room is a complete oasis of calm and serenity and helps to induce a sense of total relaxation. Elizabeth explained the whole process with clarity and the treatment seemed timeless as I was carefully nurtured by a dedicated professional, who obviously enjoys what she does and transmits her loving energy to her client. I don't really possess adequate vocabulary to explain
how I felt both during and after the treatment, but words such as ecstatic, elated, buzzing and ALIVE go some way to describing it. The phrase "one in a million" is an underestimation of her talents! If you are looking for a genuine tantra experience look no further."

"This was my first treatment and I was amazed by how powerful the effects were. The following day I was completely wiped out physically and emotionally but did feel much lighter in the days that followed. I lost weight and felt a happiness I have not felt for a long time. Incredibly powerful "
Sarah, London

"Elizabeth was very competent, caring and confident throughout the entire treatment.  This helped me relax and allow the healing to take place.  It was a very interesting experience for me and I highly recommend this therapist.  She was able to tune into my energy, holding the space for me.  Her therapy room has a fantastic energy and perfectly in tune with what she does.  I loved it and will surely go back for further sessions. "
Name withheld

"I turned up on the day a little nervous as I am still fairly new to this kind of thing but Elizabeth's warm and friendly welcome put me instantly at ease. We began with the customary 'check in 'during which Elizabeth advised me to simply surrender and the only intention of the treatment she was offering was my healing and awakening and if I simply relaxed and let go instead of trying to steer the experience down a certain path my body would know how to receive.  This was wonderful advice and something I kept returning to throughout the massage.  Elizabeth has a natural "feel" for this work and it was clear to me she has been expertly trained.  She kept reminding me to breathe and to make sound which I instantly did.  Overall it was a deep experience and a spiritual one.  I left feeling energised and fully open.  I will be back for more."
Name withheld, London

"My massage treatment was both enjoyable and extremely powerful, beyond my expectations. Elizabeth is incredibly warm and caring and I felt relaxed and in very good hands.  Her highly skilled technique transformed how I had been feeling, bringing a much greater sense of well-being and removing tension and blocks.  She took the time afterwards to give me helpful advice, I would highly recommend her."
Angela, London

"Elizabeth has a wonderful touch, I have had massages from all over the world with so many different therapists but I have to say she is special. She was very in tune with her movements and her technique is excellent."
Professional, London

"Elizabeth is very natural and authentic, caring and compassionate her confident professional approach helped me to achieve the full benefit of the treatment "
Marketing, London

"Elizabeth has gone to great lengths to create an extremely well presented, clean and comfortable space, I felt emotionally supported and held throughout my treatment "
Sally, Yorkshire

"I was made to see it was my personal journey"
Retail, Glasgow

" Following the session I felt exhausted as my body got rid of all the trauma I had been holding over the years but in the days that followed I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I can't thank her enough "
Frank, London

"Elizabeth is a true professional and an effective and compassionate healer.  I'm so glad that a good friend introduced me to her.  She really cares about people and has the drive, skills and knowledge to be of service in healing to so many people.  Thankyou Elizabeth.
Police Officer, London

" Elizabeth has such a kind and loving approach throughout the treatment I felt that I was been nurtured and listened too, Following the treatment my mood changed every day as the treatment took effect, one day I was tired, the next angry then I felt amazing. She has an excellent way with people and her bed side manner is second to none. "
Sophie, London

"During the treatment as I started to relax I suddenly felt very unsettled, started to shake and got very angry. This was followed by a bout of crying then laughing!  Elizabeth explained that my body was releasing pent up emotions and trauma and that I should breathe into it then let the feeling go. Throughout my ever changing emotions she remained calm and in control as she explained afterwards "it is essential to hold the space for a client to release suppressed trauma to enable them to feel safe". I was amazed by how powerful the treatment was to provoke such extreme reactions.  I felt exhausted in the days following but ever since I felt fantastic and so much lighter and care free. I have been for many different massages over the years all over the world and I have never felt like this …at first I thought she was scary having brought all these feelings out in me but now I realise she has a real gift. Whatever it is she has it in abundance'"
T.P London

"The 4 hours of my tantric journey was an unforgettable experience into the heart of my soul. It cannot be described in words, you have to experience it for yourself.  Not all angels reside in heaven, some walk the earth, just like Elizabeth"
Anna, London

"A friend recommended Elizabeth and I'm glad she did, she has a very feminine and shamanic energy, which is powerful as it helped me to release a lot of pain and anger that I had been holding onto. I could feel the warmth and energy from her hands just melting away the tension, simply lovely"
Jo, Yorkshire.

"I felt her hands were alight with angelic energy, I felt I was in a beautiful space of renewal and angelic presence surrounding us"

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