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"I came to Reiki following a chance meeting with a friend who thought I was giving out negative vibrations whilst having difficulties in communication. I chose to work with Elizabeth after a conversation with her because I could talk to her and she impressed me with the knowledge of her subject.

I went to the first session and took her advice and had a massage together with the Reiki treatment. I would really advise you taking in both services as the massage allows you to relax more and therefore the Reiki seems to be very effective.

The results were astounding: I came out very tired and spent the rest of the day on my back. I lost 6 pounds in weight in a matter of days and felt a lot more relaxed. Following another treatment; a rash on my chest which had bothered me for months disappeared. I found life became much more positive and results improved.

I would recommend giving Reiki a try and in particular Elizabeth a call as her discreet service together with her natural ability to spot spiritual issues which you won't be aware of will result, if you take her advice, in radical improvements in your health and well being. This has become part of a regular healing process for me which has resulted in huge improvements in my health. I can't ask for more."