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Free Consultation

The initial treatment includes a confidential free consultation to develop a holistic treatment plan specifically for your individual needs; homecare advice is included to ensure the benefits are prolonged.

Hawaiian Massage

This is a professional treatment and the therapist will remain fully clothed at all times.

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"Incredibly relaxing and restorative, I will continue to incorporate into my future well being"

90mins £70 / 120mins £90
(Full body massage not including the Lingam, Prostate or Yoni)

90mins £120 / 120mins £150
(Full body massage including the Lingam and Prostate or Yoni)

The majority of blockages and tension in our body is stored in our sexual organs. By including the Lingam and Prostate or Yoni massage the effects of the treatment can be further enhanced creating a deeper sense of relaxation so maximum healing can occur.

Hawaiian massage otherwise known as lomi lomi, originates from Hawaii where traditionally a family member practised it at home to restore health and well being following injury or illness. Kahuna body work was practiced by the priests and was more specialised to encourage healing and transformation on all levels.

Today Hawaiian massage has combined these powerful tech- niques creating a state of inner peace and also internal balance to bring relief from the strains of modern day living which were never present in the past. The benefits of this massage are incredibly holistic and range from a deeply relaxing experience to trans- formational depending entirely on the individual receiving the treatment and how receptive they are too change and dispelling negative energy.

This massage is recommended for enhancing all aspects of health, well being and self awareness. It is incredibly relaxing and especially beneficial for relief from stress, trauma, self esteem issues, relationship problems and eating disorders. The experience of receiving can be truly unforgettable , providing feelings of release and revitalisation which continue for some time after the initial treatment.

What is the difference between Hawaiian massage and Holistic massage?

'Hawaiian massage combines soothing contact with activation of the chakra points in the body to give an overall sense of nurturing and well being with a deeper connection .Each side of the body is worked as a whole with long,continuous strokes down the entire length,creating a constant form of energy with focussed intention for healing to occur.

Great care is given to ensure maximum touch, flowing movements ,a deep Aloha connection and an extended awareness at all times. The combination of these factors create an incredible treatment, encouraging a deeper sense of relaxation which helps the mind to release and in turn the body, producing a catalyst for positive change on all levels.

Holistic massage combines a variety of strokes working each part of the body individually,designed to work directly onto the muscles to release muscular discomfort and tension. this in turn then leads to relaxation of the mind and body creating total homeostasis and a feeling of internal balance and complete well being.

What is the difference between Hawaiian massage and Tantric massage?

Hawaiian massage is performed on a massage couch and consists of long, continuous gentle strokes from the head to the feet which vary in speed and intensity to help create a deeper sense of relaxation in the mind and body. It is a very nurturing and soothing massage and a typical session is 90 mins to 2 hours long.

Tantric massage is generally performed on a Futon on the floor although a couch can be used if requested and consists of a combination of activating the pulse points to facilitate the release of suppressed trauma with slow and sensual massage strokes to allow the body to relax fully so it can process and release emotions to provide complete body regeneration. A typical session will take at least 4 hours.

For further details please follow the link to the Tantric massage page

Why is the Hawaiian massage and Tantric massage performed on a naked body?

The intention of both of these treatments is to create a deeper sense of relaxation and healing to provide wellbeing and a sense of re balance in all systems of the body. By wearing clothes or covering the body with towels it acts as a kind of 'barrier' for the healing to occur, by removing the barrier the body becomes open to receive the healing.

What are the benefits of Hawaiian massage?

• Allows the body to reach a deeper sense of relaxation
• Restores well being ,can alter perception of self,expands possibilities
• Cleanses and detoxifies, improves the fluid systems of the body
• Awakens aliveness, inspiring confidence and enthusiasm
• Releases stress and tension from the body and mind

Once the barrier is removed the massage strokes can then be long and continuous which allows a circuit of energy to develop between the therapist and client which encourages a deeper sense of relaxation to occur providing numerous benefits in the mind and body.