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Massage Workshops
These couple's workshops are a relaxed, fun and informative way to help you and your partner gain new skills whilst enhancing your existing relationship. Prior knowledge or experience is not required just a willingness to learn and a little patience!

I only teach one couple at a time to ensure you have the individual attention required to gain the confidence to practice the routines correctly and safely. After an introduction and brief outline of your chosen workshop including contra indications (when you should not perform the massage) and benefits to the massage I will give a demonstration of the body work allowing plenty of time afterwards for you to practice and perfect your technique so you feel confident to continue when you return home.

All items necessary for the workshop will be provided, please note no written notes are supplied but you are welcome to take your own throughout the session.

The workshops available are shown below with a description of which each one entails. Please follow the relevant link shown for further information on the treatment.

Booking Policy

Upon booking a non refundable deposit of £50 will be required to confirm your chosen time and date of your workshop with the remaining balance payable on the day. The cost of the training is £250 per couple(not individually). Only one couple are taught per workshop to respect and protect your privacy and to ensure my time is completely focussed with you.
A workshop designed for open minded couples who wish to explore their sexuality and desires through the use of different senses including sight, taste and touch.


Please note full nudity of the person receiving the massage is required for this workshop.
Following some traditional tantric connection rituals you will be shown a basic body work routine which will include the prostate, lingham and yoni massage. You will then have the opportunity to practice the sensual and loving strokes on your partner whilst they surrender to your touch.

During the massage the energetic gateways are opened which leads to the release of the kundalini sexual energy, this powerful life force not only allows the body to feel pleasure but is also a tool for personal healing leading to complete body regeneration.

Tantric massage opens the heart as different emotions and sensations are explored, the ideal way to help you reconnect with yourself and your partner not only sexually but emotionally too.

A workshop designed for couples who wish to relieve muscular discomfort, stiffness and stress in the body by using a sequence of highly effective techniques.


This very popular style of massage is more commonly known as 'Swedish' and consists of a combination of different strokes known as Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Friction and Vibration which work together to provide relief from aching muscles, stiff joints and stress.

A full body routine will be demonstrated during which the body will be kept covered except the part that is being worked on during that time. Trigger point and deep tissue techniques target specific areas of tension and you will have the opportunity to incorporate all you have learned with these invaluable methods to create a routine specifically for your own requirements.

During the session you will gain the confidence and skills needed to give you partner a full body massage whilst also learning invaluable ways to release tension in your own body.

Holistic massage unites the mind, body and spirit as one and is the perfect way to treat your partner to a little pampering at the end of a long working day.
A workshop designed for couples who wish to give their partners the ultimate treatment in relaxation as all stress and worries are gently released in this nurturing and spiritual massage.


This style of massage is also known as lomi lomi and uses a combination of long sensual strokes down the entire length of the body to provide a highly spiritual and deeply relaxing treatment. During the workshop you will learn how to activate the chakras and open up the energy channels which when combined with the long gentle strokes create an unforgettable experience which will stay with you for many days following the treatment. This is a very easy massage to learn as it focuses on the use of only a few highly effective techniques and a loving intention to provide the ultimate experience in relaxation.

Hawaiian massage is a beautiful way to create a deep and sensual connection with your partner and will provide them with the nurturing and loving touch we all desire.
A workshop designed for couples who are expecting a new arrival designed so mum, dad and baby can all benefit!

Please note you are only able to attend this workshop if a 3 month scan has been completed. Pregnancy massage prior to this is not recommended.

This workshop teaches a safe and effective routine for mums to be for all stages of pregnancy and is particularly beneficial for the later stages to relieve swelling, discomfort and calm anxiety whilst providing a relaxing and loving massage to provide the care and reassurance that is essential at this time.

Throughout the entire session the body is kept covered except for the area being working upon at that time. To ensure maximum safety for mum and no pressure on the baby a specific position is adopted when receiving the massage and following the workshop you will have the necessary skills and confidence to continue to practice at home.

Pregnancy massage is the perfect way to learn how to connect and bond with your baby and partner during this exciting and special time.
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