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Free Consultation

The initial treatment includes a confidential free consultation to develop a holistic treatment plan specifically for your individual needs; homecare advice is included to ensure the benefits are prolonged.

Holistic Massage

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"Incredibly relaxing provides the nurturing safe space we crave, a blissful cocoon!"

60 mins: £50
90 mins: £70
120 mins: £90

Holistic massage originates from Greece and is a full body massage which is performed directly onto the skin with oil and works on each part of the body individually. A variety of strokes are used to release tension from the muscles, relieve stress and create a sense of well being. This type of massage can be adapted for each individual person and is therefore suitable for all ages .The meaning of the word holistic is 'whole', therefore the mind, body and spirit are treated as one to create internal balance and maintain homeostasis.

• Stress reduction and relief from muscular discomfort
• Total relaxation and improved immunity
• Improvement in physical and mental fatigue
• Improvement in toxin elimination and bowel movement
• Improved circulation and breathing
• Improved sleep and concentration
• Improved clarity of thought and energy levels
• Improved posture and relief from eyestrain and head aches

What happens when I go for a holistic massage?

At the first consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed health consultation regarding lifestyle and history. Every person is individual and as I like to work in a holistic way this means that I like to consider the emotional and physical aspect of each person I treat taking all the factors into consideration to ensure the most effective treatment .It also means that I am able to practice safely and tailor make the treatment individually for your own needs and requirements. The information given is then kept and updated when appropriate. All information given is completely confidential and protected by the Data Protection Act.

Are there any reasons I would not be able to have a massage?

It is important to understand that massage works on every system of the body, as a result certain precautions must be taken to protect the safety of the client and therapist. Below are the main conditions when a massage is not recommended. It is advised to seek medical opinion if any of these are applicable:

•  Cancer
•  Broken bones
•  Recent surgery
•  First 3 months of pregnancy
•  Skin conditions {infections, sunburn and inflammation}
•  Contagious diseases {flu, fever and diarrhoea}
•  Circulation problems {heart conditions, blood pressure, varicose veins and blood clots}
•  Swelling
•  Negativity
•  Intoxification through alcohol or drugs.

What happens at the end of the massage and between treatments?

At the end of the session advice is suggested about what you can do in between treatments to continue the benefits of the massage to maintain or improve your body's equilibrium. This can include information on exercise, relevant stretches, postural exercises, diet and life style changes. The information given is entirely optional and is designed to improve health and maintain well being. The majority of problems are caused by stress, which manifests itself in the mind then moves into the physical body causing discomfort. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to adapt certain areas of lifestyle in order to prevent the original problems re occurring .

As client care in my main priority I offer this as an ongoing feature making sure that each person has all their needs fully met at all times.

It is advisable to allow adequate time for your individual needs. For a general full body massage 60 minutes is sufficient, however if there are areas of discomfort or tension present a minimum of 90 minutes is recommended to ensure maximum benefits.